At the heart of creating a business, the website is the expectation that you will be able to interact better and reach a wider audience who prefer to search for service providers online as well as make purchases online.

It can soon become that your company has strong online presences with high visibility making it easily found by those seeking your services or products online. Appearing among the first on search engines is a pivotal step towards getting traffic to your website and consequently increased conversion.

Below are some proven contract marketing ideas to take with you into 2018

1. Responsive websites

You would be doing yourself a major disservice if your website is not designed to adjust to mobile phones and tablets because mobile trends are changing and defining markets due to the stratospheric increase in the number of people using mobile devices for search.

What you stand to miss out on if your website is not responsive

  • Increased traffic from mobile users
  • Low-cost website maintenance
  • Providing a seamless user experience across desktops, laptops, cell phones and tablets
  • Improved SEO efforts (this is because responsive websites have a greater likelihood of ranking high in SERPs.

2. High-Quality SEO

Over the years Google has rolled out several progressive developments on how websites are ranked on their search engine. We have seen this evolution take place from Penguin to Panda and in most recent times, core ranking algorithm update. In a nutshell, Google has become more adept and sophisticated at recognizing quality search content and higher ranking for websites that meet their criteria of quality content.
Since 2011, one thing has remained constant in search and that is Google has put a significant focus on high-quality content.

3. Crafting quality main content

No doubt that quality content is now playing a massive role in page quality rating. As per Google, the main content is the area on a web page that is achieving the main purpose of that page. This could be text but it could be video, images games or even customer or viewer-generated content like reviews.

Essentially Google considers crafted content that clearly has taken effort, time and expertise as high quality, whether the main content is a long article or short video.

4. In cooperating useful supplementary content to your website

Although main content will for the large part determine the quality rating of a page, supplementary content also plays a significant role. This simply means Google rating criteria for ranking is also determined by useful supplementary content when determining page’s quality. Useful supplementary content is geared towards providing additional value to the visitor and organically encourages them to linger longer on your site by contributing to a better user experience.

If you run a blog, include related articles sections which link out to other articles on your website.

5. Ad Placement

Using ad’s is definitely useful, however, it is how they are used that makes a difference. There must be a clear separation between the advertising and the content.The ad should not distract from the content of the page.

6. Authentic and authoritative content

High-quality content cannot be overstated. One of the criteria that Google used to define high-quality content is authoritativeness and trustworthiness on topics.

With this simple pointers, although not exhaustive, you will be able to make some informed decisions on how to approach your online marketing through your website as we get into the new year.